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DVD - Conrad Schumacher Dressage Training System


Engelskspråkig DVD från legenden Conrad Schumacher.


"Riding at your optimum capacity will require you to strengthen your physical and mental fitness.

This DVD will show you how!


Have you experienced the situation where you cannot achieve your goals in the show ring?

How can things that go so well at home, go so wrong during a competition? As riders, we tend to blame our horses, the footing, the weather, the judges but in reality, it was lack of quality preparation and mental fitness which let us down in the end. In this DVD, Conrad will discuss the correct way to approach your preparation at home to optimize your result at the show.

Discover Conrad's 3 Prerequisites for a successful training foundation...

What are the three most important elements for dressage success? In this DVD, Conrad reviews the importance of the rider's seat and how to improve your position to enhance the horse's natural ability. His second Prerequisite is the correct neck position of your horse. He will demonstrate the correct neck position and how we can obtain and maintain this during our training. Finally, Conrad shows the importance of the correct giving of the aids in achieving your “feel” as a rider. This "feel", he maintains, is the foundation for mental toughness and success in the competition ring.

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